Gabriel Bamforth
State MA
Organization Wellesley College
Sara Bates
State WI
Organization University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Todd Bates
State MI
Organization Hastings Community Diving Club
Jason Baumann
State MN
Organization North Star Diving Club, LLC
Eric Best
State MI
Organization Michigan State University
Tracey Bird
State MA
Organization Boston
Jenifer Blitz
State MI
Organization Clarkston High School/Navigator Diving/Elite Diving
Roger Blocher
State OH
Organization PDCA Database Admin
Kate Bramlett
State IN
Organization RipFest
Gregory Brandes
State NY
Organization Upstate NY Diving
Larry Brennan
State CA
Organization USA Neutral Judge (Fina Trained)
Tricia Brownlee
State PA
Organization Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Haley Bunnell
State IN
Organization Greater Lafayette Area Diving
Dave Burgering
State FL
Organization Fort Lauderdale Diving Team
Keith Burgie
State VA
Organization DiveRVA