The Professional Diving Coaches Association (PDCA) is a non-profit incorporated organization founded by Ron O’ Brien, Steve McFarland and Scott Pyle in January of 1983.  Its purpose is to support diving coaches in their efforts to hone their coaching skills, develop world class athletes and grow the sport.  In the early 2000’s the organization drifted into obscurity.  Now it has reemerged under new leadership, new ideas, and new technology to reaffirm its support of diving coaches across the country.  


The mission of the PDCA is to support Competitive Diving Coaches.


5000 PDCA Trained Competitive Diving Coaches by 2030.


Help Competitive Diving succeed in the 5 areas of Diving
Coaching – Facilities – Competition Structure – Inurance – Marketing


Chris Zukas

Vice President – Membership

Vice President – Education
Dr. Tom Quinn 

Vice President – Events

Steve Voellemecke

Josh Larcom

Cliff Devries

Why do diving coaches need a professional organization?

Diving Coaches in the United States have seen many changes in the administration of their sport.  Some of these changes have dramatically enhanced the sport and some have taken the sport to the brink of extinction. The PDCA is an organization that creates stability by instilling professional standards and a code of ethics to protect coaches and the sport. The PDCA fills the need for a standardized educational and training process similar to most professions that deal with education, sport or business. The PDCA provides a platform (pun intended) for coaches to unify their voices for positive change. It also protects the livelihoods of the coaches from unfair business practices or competition structure failures.